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"I know wedding... because that's all I do."
"About Me"

Hello I'm Heather, from an early age I enjoyed arranging flowers; entering local shows with Plate and Posy bowl arrangements, winning Certificates in the children's sections.

Once my son started school I decided to pursue a new interest and did several floral arranging courses, which made me realise I really loved arranging and creating with flowers and wanted to learn more!

I graduated from college after completing a full time florist course.

Since then I have worked and managed several florist shops on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

As a result I discovered the area I was fondest of was the Floral work involved in Weddings.

My passion for design and colour lend to the creation of beautiful elegant bouquets for these happy occasions. Not unexpectedly that is the direction my career has taken.

After 20 years of specialising in only Weddings I thoroughly enjoy listening and advising couples embarking on the biggest event of their lives. Helping them plan their special day in every detail.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure when they are about to leave after their first visit and they say, with a sigh of relief, "WOW! now that's what I really want, my flowers are done."

Then I know I have done my job well and say to them.
"Forget about your flowers now, leave it with me, just give me a call a fortnight before your "Big Day".

I treat every customer how i would wan to be treated when preparing for a Dream Wedding, no matter how Big or Small.

Every Wedding is handled with love and care as if it were my own.

I'd love to arrange your wedding, Please phone me on 07 5572 2271 for an obligation free appointment.


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